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Artemis Blacktip

Artemis, 2018-03-07 11:24:47

This is Artemis Blacktip, my first suit. He started out as a partial for EF20, but was completed into a fullsuit for NFC2015. Made from thick, fluffy (and warm) white pile fabric he is very huggable.

Inspiration originally came from NFC2014 (my first con!) when I started trying to figure out clever ways to do cooling. I went to several suiting related panels and Kirrow's in particular got me going.

The base is from DVC and worked out very nicely though a lot of time went into figuring out ear-placement and worrying a lot before daring to trim the fur. The head was only finished a couple of hours before we left for EF20.

A full white and very warm bodysuit was made for NFC2015 (again only finished shortly before the con started).

He has since made appearances at all cons I've been to. Mostly dancing during disco and dead dog parties.