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Cleaning Research

Drakryttare, 2018-03-07 12:30:46

This is a small experiment conducted to test different ways to clean fur in (for example) fursuits. The tests where confined to cover fur/stains/detergents that I already had at my disposal (so this is a good test for fellows swedes) and I may not have covered the most effective one, or the most effective one for the fur that you want to wash.

The final recommended method and the one we now use is presented at the end.

The fur tested

The fur tested is the one used to make Blacktip and according to manifacturer is composed of 48% Modakryl, 40% Polyakryl, and 12% Polyester.

The fur was cut into 10x10 cm squares, and labeled on the back according to the methods that where to be used to clean them.

Stains tested

In order to simulate general running around on dirty ground, picking stuff up, holding hands with people that haven't washed their hands I let one of my potted plants have cuddle-sessions with the test-samples. My plant seemed to appreciate it :)

Some stains come from the inside, so to simulate sweat and grease I mixed some wine-vinegar and oil. This did not give very visible results so I also added a bit of soy. Using a teaspoon the mixture was applied to the samples.

I then let the stains sit a bit, the grease-stain spread quite a bit beyond the original area, and was somewhat visible from the front.

Washing methods tested

I limited the time used for the handwashing methods to 1 minute (after already preped the area). This since I imagine washing a full suit by hand will probably end up giving each area a limited amount of attention.

All samples recived an after-treatment in the washing-machine where they where rinsed and spinned gently. I did this because I imagined washing a whole suit, and what I would do to make the process as effortless as possible.

Drying methods tested

Judging the result

A independent tester got the six test-pieces and one 'virgin'-sample and where told to rate the following aspects on a scale 0 (bad) to 5 (good):

without knowing which method was used on each sample.

Then the pieces where shuffled, and the tester were told to rank the pices based on the overall impression. Then the rating process was repeated. The tester notes that at the time for the last rating it started to get hard to tell the pieces apart, especially the smell, which is why the ratings are displayed seperately and not as a mean.


There is little difference between the best and worst method of those tested. All methods give clean-looking fluffy fur, and the rating of the 3 categories was inconclusive, so much more weight is put on the ranking (that was based on overall impression rather than the 3 categories).

Results are here presented in the order that the pieces where ranked:

1: Control

This piece was never stained so it makes sense that it ranks the highest. Interrestingly it did not get all 5s on the smaller tests:

2: Machine wash, brushing while wet

The highest ranking washing method, produces the best overall result and the one I recommend. It is also one of the less labour-intense methods, which makes it suitable for washing a whole suit or several suits.

3: Handwashed with schampoo, brushing while wet

4: Handwashed with baking soda, brushing while wet

5: Machine wash, brushing after drying

6: Handwashed with schampoo, brushing after drying

7: Handwashed with baking soda, brushing after drying

Recommended washing method

Based on the experiment conducted this is the current recommended washing method: